Fitness Business Plans, Coaching, Consulting & Education

To build a highly successful fitness business, you need to have a few specific things in place to ensure you provide the best possible service to your clients, make your business streamlined, and enjoy the lifestyle you want and deserve.

Regardless if you are a certified personal trainer, sports conditioning coach, martial arts fitness specialists, or operate a warehouse type gym or a boot camp, you must have leads, a lead conversion strategy, a sales funnel, client retention strategies and more. Of course, you need the best possible fitness education and certifications, and fitness business coaching to ensure your success.

Fitness Business Management Marketing and Software Systems

Fitness business management is simplified with an online fitness management system like Fitness Business Ninja. Managing your fitness business just got much easier (and a lot faster). With Fitness Business Ninja, you now have an online central hub of operation where you will TAKE COMPLETE CONTROL of every aspect of your fitness business management from scheduling, assigning trainers, running highly profitable transformation contests, managing coaching sessions, doing complete fitness assessments, tracking client progress, offering profitable nutrition and diet programs, providing TOP SHELF customer service and much more. Best of all, it's very easy to use and really affordable. If you are a busy fitness trainer or sports coach, you can literally SAVE 3-6 HOURS EACH WEEK and MAKE MORE MONEY while you help more people.

Every successful fitness business also has a specific plan, strategy and software program for email marketing (fitness newsletters), text message marketing (mobile marketing), and social marketing (facebook, google+, LinkedIn, etc).

FitNews.TV is more than just a powerful all-in-one email fitness marketing solution. We create fresh, content-rich newsletter content monthly that you can send to your subscribers as-is or edited to suit your message daily, weekly, monthly or however often you’d like. FitNews.TV content is created by leading fitness industry professionals, and sure to appeal to your clients. And they’ll be far more likely to pass on the word to their friends interested in fitness programs and offers. This helps you to generate fast and free referrals for your business.

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